Consultations currently available by telehealth 
At Your First Visit We'll
  • Take a comprehensive history, and perform a detailed physical examination

  • Establish an initial, multi-faceted plan of action to address your specific health concerns.This plan is highly personalized, but always includes counseling and education on dietary and lifestyle modifications, as well as approaches to minimize toxic environmental exposures (i.e. from food, water, personal care products and electrical pollution)

  • Order lab tests as needed (Dr. Goldberg uses all conventional lab tests, and when indicated, specialized functional lab testing such as comprehensive stool, toxin, food sensitivity and genetic testing)

  • Identify and focus on the root cause(s) of your health challenges/concerns with the goal of improving your health and vitality

Scheduling a Visit
  • Call the practice at 877.435.5392 or e-mail to schedule

  • Please bring to your first visit:

    • Initial visit questionnaire: complete and return 48 hours prior to your visit. You may: 

      • upload to Dr. Goldberg’s electronic health record Charm (link is sent once appointment is scheduled)

      • fax to our secure e-fax at 888.980.5965

      • scan and email to

    • List of all medications and supplements

    • Any recent labwork, imaging, or other records


  • New patient visit: 90 minutes ($350)

  • Follow-up visit - in person or via Skype: 40 minutes ($175)

  • Home evaluation for electrical pollution (electromagnetic fields): 90 minutes ($375) 


                          Frequently Asked Questions


Does Dr. Goldberg accept insurance?

Unfortunately, she does not. Commercial insurance companies do not reimburse adequately for the long visits required for an integrative evaluation (90 minutes for initial visit, 40 minutes for follow-up). This would make for an unsustainable practice.  

Instead, Dr. Goldberg provides every patient with a detailed superbill, which includes all the codes needed by insurance companies. Patients then submit this superbill to their insurance for reimbursement.


Can Dr. Goldberg be my primary care physician?

Dr. Goldberg acts as a consulting physician focused on functional and integrative approaches to creating and/or restoring health and balance. Time spent discussing conventional "routine health maintenance" (i.e. pap smears, mammograms, colonoscopy and the like) would reduce the time available to spend on counseling. Dr. Goldberg suggests that all patients establish a relationship with a primary care doctor. It is also more cost effective for the patient to discuss these issues within the insurance model, as they are covered services.


Is Dr. Goldberg Board-certified?

Yes. Dr. Goldberg is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine since 2000, and the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine (ABIHM).


Does Dr. Goldberg prescribe conventional medications?

When necessary, yes.


Is Dr. Goldberg comfortable with medically complex patients with multiple diagnoses?

Yes, Dr. Goldberg has nearly 20 years of experience managing complex medical conditions, including various cancers, heart/lung/kidney disease, and autoimmune diseases. She also has specialty training in tropical medicine.

What languages are spoken in the office?

English, Spanish and Hebrew.


Is there parking?

Yes. There's on-street parking, as well as a metered parking lot behind the office building.

What methods of payment do you accept?


Credit card, cash and personal checks. 


Does Dr. Goldberg do functional lab testing?


Yes, she does functional testing such as comprehensive stool analysis, urine porphyrins (for environmental toxicity/heavy metals), organic acid testing, antibody panels, food sensitivity testing when it will change management. The test price is the laboratory direct payment price - Dr. Goldberg does not bill for these tests or charge any lab associated fees.


How does Dr. Goldberg handle international/out-of-town patients?


Provided that the initial visit is done in person, Dr. Goldberg does offer Skype follow-up consultations for out-of-town patients who wish to see her, but are not able to come in person for follow-ups. The charge is the same as for in-person visits.



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