What Integrative Medicine Means to Me

Humans are innately designed to self heal. This divine intelligence we each possess always aims to restore balance, to the best of its ability, given the resources available such as nutrients/raw materials, energy reserves, and the circadian and environmental ques we receive.

But few people realize that we often make lifestyle choices that block this innate healing ability, for example:
Choosing to eat processed/unhealthy/genetically modified or nonorganic foods.
Using stimulants like caffeine to compensate for insufficient or poor quality sleep.
Not getting enough exercise or sunlight exposure.
Applying chemical toxins to our skin in the form of personal care products), or using toxic cleaning or or other products in our home.
Inadvertent exposure to other invisible toxins such as mold and electromagnetic fields.

To me, Integrative Medicine means:
Taking the time for a comprehensive history and physical examination
Using conventional labs initially for a comprehensive evaluation and then complementing the work up with state of the art functional /environmental testing not available within the conventional care model.
Considering both the conventional and the complementary diagnostic therapeutic options, always with consideration of