Useful Links


Find a Certified Building Biologist/Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist

The Building Biology Institute 


Handouts from Environmental Health Trust

How to Reduce EMF Exposure at Home 

Setting Up a Computer/How to Hardwire a Computer, Laptop or Tablet


Support/Resources for Electromagnetic Sensitivity (“EHS”/Microwave Syndrome)

The Electrosensitive Society

The Electromagnetic Pollution Illnesses Canada Foundation (EPIC)


Electromagnetic Radiation – Health Effects

Physicians for Safe Technology

Environmental Health Trust

EM-Radiation Research Trust


Electromagnetic Fields Related News

Microwave News

Electromagnetic Radiation Safety – Blog of Professor Joel Moskowitz, UC Berkeley School of Public Health


EMF Meters I Currently Recommend

(Use discount code EPblog for 5% discount from Safe Living Technologies)

For measuring radiofrequency/microwave radiation (wireless), the Safe and Sound Pro is fantastic

For measuring magnetic fields, I recommend the Alpha Labs UHS2 3-Axis Gaussmeter

For dirty electricity, a plug in meter such as the Graham Stetzer or Alpha Lab Line EMI Monitor EM100


Databases – Journal Article Search

EMF Portal

ORSAA – Oceania Radiofrequency Scientific Advisory Association Database


Medical Lectures – EMF Health Effects

Bacterial Effects of Electromagnetic Field Exposure – EMFMC2021

An overview of the effects of wireless radiation on antibacterial resistance and the human microbiome.

EMF Effects – Cardiometabolic and Neurologic

The introductory talk given at the first CME accredited medical conference on electromagnetic field associated health effects held at 1440 Multiversity, Scotts Valley, CA, September 6-8, 2019. This lecture is an introduction to the health effects of EMFs and covers cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and neurologic effects.